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How do I book a place on a training course?

The flowchart below sets out a step-by-step guide to the booking process for face to face training.

 virtual training courses close the Friday before the course takes place, so confirmation will only be received a few days prior to the course. This is beacuse we do not limit number of people attending on virtual courses. 


Click on training programme to view the details of courses we offer and to book a place on training.
Closing date for applications:
The closing date for face to face course booking submissions is usually 2-4 weeks prior to the course date. For virtual training it is the Friday before the course runs. 
Multi-Agency Training Course Allocation:

To ensure that we achieve a balance of multi-agency attendance on face to face courses, the number of places offered per agency may be restricted and it may not always be possible for applicants from the same agency to be offered places on the same date. If we are not able to provide you with a place on the desired date, we will endeavour to offer you an alternative option as far as possible. **If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your training portal; if you have a place it will say approved, if it states rejected please do not attend the course** 

If we do offer people from the same agency a place there is an expectation that you will not sit together on the course, as part of the multi-agency experience is to learn from other professionals and different agencies 

Timing of courses and attendance:
  • Unless otherwise stated, all courses start promptly many at 9:30am and finish at 4:30pm.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time for registration.
  • Participants arriving late cause disruption to the course and may not be admitted, and will be charged a non-attendance fee for face to face courses.
  • All participants are expected to stay until the end of the course.
Is lunch provided?
Light refreshments (tea/coffee) are available to purchase for 60p.  Please note that lunch is not provided on any SSCP training courses. 
Course places are in high demand; if you are unable to attend, please ensure you or your manager contact the SSCP Administrator. If you give less than 24-hours’ notice of cancellation of your place or you fail to attend on the day, you will be liable for a cancellation charge as per the SSCP Course Charges policy.
Disabilities or other special requirements:
If you have a disability, please speak with your organisation who have responsibility to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and support to enjoy the day.  Please let us know on booking what arrangements you have made.
What is the course evaluation process?
In order that we can understand and provide evidence about the effectiveness of the training and how far it supports the workforce to enhance their safeguarding practices with children, young people and their families, we carry out a 3 stage evaluation process.  We ask participants to complete a pre-course questionnaire at the time they request a course place (stage 1), at the end of the training session we ask participants to complete an ‘on-the-day’ evaluation form (stage 2) and we ask participants and their managers to complete a post course evaluation form 3 months after the course has taken place (stage 3). 
Do I get a qualification?
You will receive a certificate of attendance, which may prove a useful addition to any training portfolio you are maintaining.  It is important to note that certificates will only be issued if the participant attends the full training session and after the participant and their manager have completed the post course evaluation form (completed 3 months after the training course has taken place). 


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