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SSCP Multi-Agency Training Charging Policy

Solihull SSCP delivers a range of multi-agency training which provides colleagues from a variety of settings the opportunity to share experiences and improve their skills in multi-agency working.

From the 1st of April 2022 Solihull SSCP has agreed to make all multi-agency training free of charge to participants who attend from all agencies working in Solihull.

It is important that we can allocate places and maximise the resource available to continue to make multi-agency training accessible across the workforce.  It has therefore been agreed that any training places not attended, or cancelled within 24 hours of the course running, will be charged @ £40 for half day courses and £80 for full day courses.

If you have a place booked and an emergency arises which means you are unable to cancel before 24hours, or if you are unable to attend on the day, we will accept another person attending in your place if we are notified at in advance of the course start time.

Participants arriving late cause disruption to the course and may not be admitted; the non-attendance fee will be applied in these circumstances. All participants are also expected to stay until the end of the course.


Submission of the course booking request to the SSCP Training and Development Team will be deemed to be a formal commitment by an agency or individual to pay cancellation or non-attendance fee (if applicable). You are asked to confirm that your manager has approved your booking, so please make sure that all training is discussed with your line manager prior to completing the booking process. 


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