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Charging Policy

The LSCP provides training for colleagues in line with its multi-agency workforce development strategy. Training focuses on themes identified in the most current business plan, LSCP practice guidance and procedures, learning from reviews and audits and national and local guidance and research.
Training is designed to offer colleagues an opportunity to share experiences and improve their skills in operational practice, and ensures that training and learning impacts positively on future practice and ultimately improves outcomes for children & young people.
Places on multi-agency training courses are generally available at no additional cost to agencies that have contributed to the Solihull LSCP budget. Places for the voluntary and 3rd sector are provided free of charge.
  • Places are offered free to the voluntary sector, but can be limited to 1 per course depending on the multi-agency registration for each course
  • The following agencies contribute to the LSCP budget and therefore training is free to participants working in those agencies:-

Solihull MBC
West Midlands Police
Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (including Practice Nurses)
Heart of England Foundation NHS Trust
Solihull Community Housing
National Probation Trust
Community Rehabilitation Company

  • If you do not work for those agencies listed above you may buy places on courses, if available, at the following rate of charges:- £80 per full training day (£40 per half day) for modules 2-9.
  • Schools that are government funded (i.e. not private schools) will receive 1 place free per year per school on modules 2, 5 (a & b) & 6 (b, c, d & e) they may buy extra places or those on other courses if available at the same rate mentioned above.
  • Private schools may purchase places on courses at the above rate of charges.
Demand for LSCP courses is high and unfortunately some applicants will not always obtain a place on their desired course. Solihull LSCP has therefore agreed that the full cost of a training place will be charged as a cancellation fee to all agencies where a delegate does not attend a course on which they are booked, and where 48 hours’ notice to the LSCP Training and Development Team is not given.
Submission of the course booking request to the LSCP Training and Development Team will be deemed to be a formal commitment by an agency or individual to pay any required fee’s, including cancellation fee (if applicable). You are asked to confirm that your manager has approved your booking, so please make sure that all training is discussed with your line manager prior to completing the booking process. 


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