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Welcome to Solihull Safeguarding Children Partnership Training page



Training is being offered both virtually & face to face so please pay careful attention and check what type of training you are booking If you have any questions please email 

Solihull Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) aims to provide a comprehensive range of multi-agency training for managers and practitioners that support the delivery of the SSCP improvement priorities 
The SSCP training events aim to add value to agency specific in-house training by providing practitioners with essential skills in partnership working to safeguard children using agreed multi-agency competencies informed by evidence from national and local experience, including serious case reviews .
These multi-agency competencies do not replace the agency specific competencies that practitioners may need to function effectively in specific roles. Practitioners must therefore attend in-house agency specific training and have a foundation level of safeguarding understanding at the very least before attending multi-agency events.
In conjunction with your managers and your team, you should decide what courses you need to meet your organisational needs, however ,we would recommend consideration is given by all those who regularly make child protection referrals, are regularly expected to attend child protection conferences and core groups, and/or manage or supervise those who do (this includeds DSL's) to attending one day of multi-agency training per year.  For details on the training courses we offer, please go to our Training Programme.  
Accessibility for SSCP multi-agency safeguarding training; individual agencies are responsible for ensuring the provision/funding of any specific requirements for a member of staff/volunteer to engage in SSCP training; e.g. translators, signers etc. If required staff/ volunteers who wish to attend and engage in SSCP Training should discuss this with their manager before booking and notify the SSCP of arrangements in the booking process or via email to   

For further information on how to book a training course, please go to our How to book page.

When booking please be mindful that all safeguarding training carries with it emotionally difficult conversations and subject issues that may affect you personally, not just professionally. Please consider where you can access support to discuss these if needed (this may include speaking to the trainers, colleagues, your manager or your employment assistance service for example) 

 All Age Exploitation - In March 2021 Solihull launched new all age exploitation procedures in July a new all age exploitation screening tool was launched- watch the briefing by right clicking here and selecting open link in new tab you will then need the password  Sol290721