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Richmond Fellowship Child and Adolescent to Parent Abuse

Course Title :
Richmond Fellowship Child and Adolescent to Parent Abuse
Course Code :
  Scheduled Date's For Course :
No course Date is available
Course Duration :
Half Day
  Delivered By :
  Learning Outcomes :
  • An overview of child (including adult child) to parent abuse and what this is
  • Identifying CAPVA – support professionals to be able to confidently identify child to parent abuse through signs, behaviours, disclosures.
  • Enable professionals to use tools to support the assessment of risk related to CAPVA, including static and dynamic risk factors, patterns of behavioural escalations, additional complex needs and comorbidity, and indicators of DA homicidal risk.
  • Support professionals to understand the complexity of child to parent relationship dynamics.
  • Work with professionals to identify and respond to barriers of engagement. 
  • Enabling professionals to feel confident to and have the skills to approach risk assessment, taking a safe practice approach and abiding by the do no harm principle. 
  • Furnishing professionals with the ability to respond to needs and risk appropriately, and understand what resources and organisations of support exist individuals impacted by CAPVA, emphasising the importance of multiagency working and onward specialist referrals. 
  Reading Material :
No Course Material Available