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Richmond Fellowship – Learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews

Course Title :
Richmond Fellowship – Learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews
Course Code :
  Scheduled Date's For Course :
No course Date is available
Course Duration :
1 Day
  Delivered By :
  Learning Outcomes :
  • To understand what Domestic Abuse is and how you may recognise it is happening
  • To understand the 8 stages of the Domestic Homicide Review Timeline and feel confident to recognise these patterns / behaviours of Domestic Abuse.
  • Develop an understanding of the typologies of Domestic Abuse and how these may inform practice
  • Explore and understand the impacts of abuse on victims and survivors including children and wider affected others
  • Understand barriers to support and engagement that may exist and explore ways to overcome these
  • Know what victim blaming is and how to avoid this, and be able to identify and understand collusion with perpetrators and the risks associated with this
  • Know how to assess risk in a DA context and explore appropriate responses and considerations
  • Understand how to assess primary perpetrator in a DA context to inform working approaches
  • Acquire an awareness of the related law and legislation (inclusive of statistics and evidence) to approaches
  Reading Material :
No Course Material Available