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Module 2 - Child Protection: An introduction to multi-agency working

Course Title :
Module 2 - Child Protection: An introduction to multi-agency working
Course Code :
Module 2
  Scheduled Date's For Course :
No course Date is available
Course Duration :
1 Day
  Delivered By :
  Aimed At :

Those who identify child protection concerns and make child protection referrals.

  Learning Outcomes :

When you have completed this module, you will be able to:

  • At the appropriate threshold make sound, evidence informed communications and good quality child protection referrals,
  • Make sound evidence informed contributions when participating in child protection conferences and core groups.
  • Identify and challenge drift and delay in multi-agency work to safeguard children and young people; and be specifically alert to the complexities of the child’s experience when living with Domestic violence, substance misuse and/or parental mental health problems.
  • Effectively use escalation procedures when conflicts occur in multi-agency safeguarding work and resolution cannot be sought
  Minimum Requirements :

Please note, you must be able to attend the whole programme. Missing part of the training will mean that your partial attendance will not be counted as having completed this training and you will not recieve certification.

Applicants must have completed Foundation (agency specific, in-house) training.

  Reading Material :
Child_Protection_Timeline_2023.pdf Download
Agency_Report_for_Child_Protection_Conferences1.docx Download
Agency_Report_for_Child_Protection_Core_Group.docx Download